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Intelligent Hardware



Intelligent Hardware


Top technical strength

1, hundreds of more than 10 years PCB experience in the professional and technical team, for you to create high stability of the products and services.

2,35 (8 authorized) national invention patents, 141 (132 authorized) utility model patents, 53 software copyright and other technical achievements have been transformed into productive forces, effectively optimize the production quality and efficiency.

3, to the provincial technical center and the provincial engineering center as a technology development and technical services platform, won the high-tech enterprises that have a number of high-tech products that the Science and Technology Award, 20 years focused on PCB R & D and manufacturing. 


Leading technology

1, the mature hybrid laminating process, can be achieved FR-4 and PTFE / ceramic filling and other high-frequency materials, mixed design to meet the premise of high-frequency products for customers to save material costs;

2, high-precision back drilling technology to meet the integrity of product signal transmission design requirements



Advanced processing and testing equipment

Automatic drilling equipment, LDI laser direct imaging equipment, hot melt machine, BURKEL vacuum press, X-RAY drilling machine, AOI, high precision control deep drilling rig, laser drilling machine, plasma separator, automatic plating line, Automatic V-CUT machine, automatic beveling machine, flying probe testing machine, ion pollution tester, ROHS tester, Tektronix impedance tester, high-precision control of the external equipment, automatic V-CUT machine, automatic beveling machine, X-RAY gold and nickel thickness of the detection equipment.

Environmental pioneer, create green homes

1, Jin Baize was Guangdong Province, cleaner production certification enterprises, cleaning production enterprises in Shenzhen City, Pengcheng waste reduction advanced enterprises, circuit board industry, the title of advanced environmental protection enterprises.

  2, Kim Pui as green as their responsibility, with you care about your living environment, and jointly create a green home.


Product Case

Name: Short - range wireless communication module

Number of layers / thickness: 4L / 1.6mm

Line width / line distance: 3.8 / 4.2mil

Technical features: fine lines, 0.6mm half hole


Name: Photon card FPC

Type: FPC board

Number of layers / plate thickness: 2L / 0.3mm

Line width / line distance: 8.0 / 6.7mil

Technical features: double-sided soft board, with PI reinforcement

Name: smart home appliances / home module PCB

Number of layers / thickness: 4L / 1.2mm

Line width / line distance: 5 / 5mil

Technical features: HDI blind hole, half hole, disk hole resin hole, buried hole resin plug hole